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Nut'n But Belts

We carry drive belts for Polaris RZR, Rangers and General, Can AM UTV, Yamaha and plan on adding more brands of vehicles as requested.


Frequently asked questions
  • Why is the same Hunterworks belt part number used on several vehicles?
    This could be a long answer but Polaris uses several different belts on most the UTV's while they could use just one, they do it to save money, belts are made in layers and the more layers the more it cost, so they feel for an example that 2015 RZR 900 EBS model does not need as tough of a belt as a XP 1000 RZR but they actually could use the same belt. So the Hunterworks brand is typically going to be thicker than your stock one and be able to use on several vehicles. Please trust me, we have the dimensions for your vehicles figured out.

  • I see the Gates Part number you show is not the one when I research it myself, why?
    Pretty much the same answer as above on Hunterworks belts. The line of vehicles we know the best is the Polaris UTV so instead of using the Gates OEM copies on several vehicles we know which one works best on them all. Example: the 26C4140 will work on RZR 900, Ranger 900 and Generals, it will be the thicker of those three so it makes for a better choice. These were examples, we have chosen the part number that in our experience works best for the vehicle.

  • Since you sell Gates belts, do they make the Hunterworks belts?
    No, we were a Gates distributor long before we had our own belts made and now we decided to sell other brands, we just simply started ordering again from them.

  • What direction do I put my new belt on?
    It doesn't matter which way you install the belt the first time, but it is important to keep the belt installed the same direction throughout the life of the belt. If for any reason you have to take the belt off your machine, put it back on in the same rotation direction it was going when it was removed. An easy way to remember this is to always put the belt on so you can read the label on the belt.

  • How do you break in a new belt?
    Every new belt needs to be seated to the clutch faces.To accomplish this, break in a new belt by running your machine at half throttle or less for the first thirty miles. This will allow the belt to seat properly and provide optimum performance. Then it will take roughly 100 miles for the belt to fully get limbered up etc, rpm during shift phase to return to normal and if you have any slight squealing to subside.

  • Do I need to wash my new belt before installing it?
    Not unless you got it dirty!! J/K but no you don't have to. Modern belts are not made in oily molds and this is not just our belts but most belts to be honest including a OEM.

  • Why do I smell belt burning on a new belt?
    Notice your old belt and you will see you can see the cords on the side all the way around and a new belt the cord is not exposed all the way around, once driven the excess rubber wears off fast and causes a smell sometimes, once broken in that goes away.

    About us

    Nut'n But Belts is a website owned by Hunterworks to give you more options on brands of belts than just our own brand of belts.  Hunterworks is one of the founding fathers of UTV Accessories dating back to 2003 right before the Yamaha Rhino came out and started the sport UTV craze.  We now manufacturer our own belts but decided to sell other brands as well.

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